We will be delivering 4 hourly sessions between 08.30 AM and 12.30 PM local time local time where audio visual interaction with your trainer is available. Remote tasks and exercises will be set which you can complete during or outside of these times. Trainer e-mail support will be available for normal local office hours. In order to help with a trouble-free experience candidates will be invited to an introductory session. This will last long enough to explain the format, check connections and procedures and to introduce your trainer for the sessions. You will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Course Details

You will be introduced to the concepts behind Integration manager and the tools used to integrate your data flow. Through hands-on workshops you will gain a basic knowledge of the techniques used to transform multiple data types. This course is designed for integration with SampleManager. While some concepts can be applied to other LIMS products the course is tailored with a focus on interfacing with SampleManager.

The following topics are covered:

  • Use of Integration Objects
  • Data transformation techniques
  • Text to XML transformations
  • XML to Text transformations
  • XML to XML transformations Installation and deployment
  • Integration Manager Components
  • Agent Types and Configuration
  • Use of Integration Points
  • Use Diagnostic tools
  • Use of Interfaces

Who should attend this course:

  • LIMS System Administrators
  • Instrument parser/mapping script developers

What should students expect to learn:

  • A sound understanding of the concepts of Integration Manager
  • Sound experience in using Integration Manager

Course Schedule

Start DateLocationStatus
11-Nov-2024 Virtual - Europe, Middle East, and Africa
10-Feb-2025 Virtual - Europe, Middle East, and Africa