This course in 3 days will provide the fundamental knowledge you need to use and deploy a standard SampleManager/SAP integration solution (SM-IDI). This course is geared to those intending to be Super Users and SampleManager Subject Matter Experts within their organization.

Course Details

This course provides a detailed look at the key SM-IDI attributes and functionality. Ideally, this training should coincide with the delivery of SampleManager (or a standalone SM-IDI project). You will receive a certificate on completion of the course, and comprehensive course notes that can be used for reference.

Who should attend this course:

  • Project Team members involved in implementing SampleManager (SM-IDI projects)
  • Advanced users and new hires requiring a certificate on the latest product versions
  • Consultants who require a fundamental knowledge of SM-IDI deployments
  • SampleManager Application Managers
  • System Managers responsible for SampleManager maintenance
  • First and Second Tier local support needing to investigate tickets logged against the interface

What should students expect to learn:

  • Developed a clear understanding of how SampleManager interacts with SAP
  • Examined in-depth the key SM-IDI functionality
  • The knowledge required to be able to map your laboratory processes to SampleManager functionality as it relates SAP interactions
  • Extend SM-IDI functionality using common practices
  • Alter existing SM-IDI Extensions to keep in line with laboratory processes as they drift over time.

Course Schedule

Start DateLocationStatus
23-Jul-2024 West Palm Beach, FL, US
04-Dec-2024 West Palm Beach, FL, US